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About Us

Who is DKPEAK?

As DKPEAK, we approach every project with a professional point of view and we offer a wide range of solutions to businesses and brands from computer software to game development.
We are aware that communication between us is the key to gain success. DKPEAK works with you as a team, and provide you the best business solutions according to your needs.
Our Story

We convey our industry-specific knowledge to the future

By locating the human factor at the core, DKPEAK provides numerous innovative business solutions. Over 10 years of experience in various disciplines, we have been proceeding to convey our knowledge into the future.
DKPEAK develops computer programs, games, apps and provides CRM, ERP solutions together with consultancy services, in the direction of our clients’ needs and priorities. Our talented and expert teams' duty is to identify clients’ needs, and determine the most suitable solution for them with them, as well as analyzing, scaling every step of the entire process and of course maintenance.
Let's grow together

What can we do for you?

In every aspect of the development process, we analyze and make necessary controls of the projects to create the best user experience. For us, the security components are as essential as you and your business.
We protect your software and apps to prevent any cyber-attacks. You can reach our 24/7 support team if you have any question in your mind.

Let's make your ideas real together